Growing up I liked the Beatles….alot.

On May 9, 2012 by emily

Recently I did a photo shoot back home in the house I grew up in.  What started as a couple collages of Beatles pictures on the wall in my room, resulted in every square inch of my room being covered, even the ceiling, with posters, pics, articles, all Beatles related.  Even though its so cliche as a musician to say that the Beatles are a huge inspiration, I still feel that they are, and I’d like to think that I have taken in all that I have learned from them and hopefully churned it out in a different way.

Photos by Mary Andrews/ Hair and Makeup by Emily Hudspeth

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  • I LOVE it. Emily, you look amazing. And I love a passionate collage, I could wallpaper my entire house, floor to ceiling, with magazine clippings if my husband would let me. I am a maniac with a glue stick:) Good thing he insists that I keep it to like one (maybe 2) poster boards at a time. Great shots, Mary!

    • So, this is random, but when we “surprised” you on Senior-Fleur morning, I remember seeing that wall and thinking that my fleur was way cooler than me ;) Love the pics!!

      • hahah.. wow! senior fleur day… that is a blast from the past! great to hear from you michelle!

    • thanks emily! love the hair and make up! thanks again!

  • Wow Emi!

    I knew The Beatles were an influence, but I didn’t know how deep! No wonder your music is so BeautyFull. Hope All is Well in Asheville!

    All the Best,

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